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Volay founders and life long friends, Evan and Matt, both found themselves working long hours in New York City after college. Tired of the chemical and sugar ridden beverages available to power them through the days and nights, they sought out a solution.

Create a simple, healthy, hydrating, and 0 calorie beverage that delivers clean energy. As avid sparkling water and coffee drinkers, they merged the two together, and thus, Volay was born.

Three simple ingredients that just hit better.


Sparkling Water, Natural Flavors, and Organic Caffeine from Green Coffee Beans.


There is nothing we put in our cans you can't pronounce

With 50 mg of organic caffeine, Volay contains the caffeine equivalent of about half a cup of coffee to provide you with a smooth and non-jittery energy release.


Volay is a vibe. Whether you drink it at work, before or after goat yoga, kicking it with your friends, cruising on a road trip, mid spin class, or even slacklining between cacti in Joshua Tree, seltzer just hits better.

Try mixing it with your favorite spirit — a lime Volay slaps with tequila. Watermelon mint? 🔥as a Vodka Volay. Grapefruit... good af with gin — just to name a few of our favorites.

So grab yourself a Volay, rehydrate, reinvigorate, and enjoy the good vibes.